On average, a human sleeps an average of 26 years throughout a lifetime. Almost three decades of sleep may make people wonder why it is a significant part of life. After all, it disrupts us from finishing work sometimes because we have to go to bed. However, science tells us that sleep is essential, even considering it as one of the most basic human needs.

Here are the top reasons why sleep is critical:

1. Not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain.

According to studies, those who sleep less tend to weigh more than those who get enough sleep. Shorter sleep duration can increase obesity in children by 89% and 55% for adults.

2. You do not eat a lot of calories when you get adequate sleep.

Science has proven that those who are sleep-deprived eat more than those who sleep well regularly. When we are not getting enough sleep, our appetite hormones fluctuate frequently, which result in poor control of appetite.

3. Sufficient sleep helps improve brain health and functionality.

Sleep promotes cognition and concentration, which further enhance performance. When we are focused, we accomplish more things. For some people, they think that sleep is a hindrance to finishing their tasks. However, the truth is the opposite. You can complete more jobs because you can concentrate more on your job.

Lack of sleep has a direct role in maintaining your brain health. It can stop you from thinking clearly. Even controlling emotions can become a challenge. When you get enough sleep, it can help stabilize your mood. Additionally, when you are resting, it gives the brain time to relax, which aids in flushing out the toxins. It then becomes much easier to retain memories and enhance the overall function of the brain.

4. Sleep can promote a healthy body.

The body requires food, water, and air to thrive. Aside from these three things, it also needs sleep. Aim to sleep better to get different physical benefits. Adequate sleep helps release hormones that help the bones grow and the muscles develop. Over time, these hormones decline in levels because we start to miss several hours of sleep. It is important to sleep well at night, which can aid in repairing damaged cells and tissues.

Just like it helps with weight loss, sleep can improve our athletic performance. It is why many athletes enjoy a longer sleep because it aids in improving their speed and accuracy.

Health Benefits Of Proper Sleep

Health Benefits Of Proper Sleep

Other Health Benefits

Sleep is beneficial to different systems of the body, including:

• Immunity: Sleeping facilitates the production of cells and antibodies. They are crucial in fighting viruses and bacteria.

• Respiratory System: Those who lack sleep usually get flu or colds easily compared to those who get enough sleep.

• Digestion: Inadequate sleep can lead to an increase in cortisol, which in turn increases leptin. This hormone tells you that you are hungry and you should keep eating.

• Cardiovascular System: Because of weight gain, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases can potentially increase. Sleep is responsible for healing the heart and the blood vessels. Medical professionals have also recognized the link between sleep deprivation and many health problems, such as stroke and high blood pressure.

Learning about the benefits of sleep is just the first step. You should also take the initiative to improve the quality of your sleep.

The Key to Sleep Better

There are a few ways that will help us sleep more peacefully at night. Those who have been having trouble sleeping, many people blame other factors. Some would think it might be what they are or what they drank before going to bed. For instance, they drank coffee before sleeping.

Water may even be the cause because drinking too much and too close to bedtime can disrupt our sleep. If you always seem to wake up in the middle of the night to empty your bladder, water or any liquid you drink may be the culprit.

Your room can also be part of the problem. If it has items that can disturb your sleep, such as TV and phones, they can keep you awake at night. Aside from all these things, many of us fail to inspect where they sleep.

If you have ever felt that you are tired after waking up, it may have something to do with your mattress. Sleeping on a bed that is too hard or too soft will not help your sleep at all. You could end up feeling sleepless even after a long night’s sleep. Worse, you could suffer from lack of sleep. Most people eventually complain about lower back pain.

You want a high-quality bed since it can impact not just your sleep but your health. Here are the most important reasons why you should make sure your bed is comfortable:

1. Proper sleep lowers stress.

When you sleep on the right mattress, your sleep quality greatly improves. It should not be surprising that you feel positive energy surrounds you. You may not have noticed it but if you wake up grumpy, it may be due to your bed.

Some of us have been using the same old bed for years now, making it uncomfortable to sleep on. Unfortunately, it can lead to stress buildup because you are not getting enough sleep. Long-term stress because of sleep disturbances can have a serious effect on the brain and even our emotions. You should make sure you sleep in a comfy bed that will provide you restful sleep, which will eventually result in calmness, reduced stress, and peace of mind.

2. You can reduce allergy risks.

If you still keep the old bed that you have been using for years, it can contribute to allergies. Your bed collects dust mites throughout its lifetime, which eat your dead skin cells and oil. Because dust mites and dust particles are living all over your bed, it can give you skin allergies. Dust mites are also known to be one of the causes of asthma.

Dust mite allergies can appear in many forms, including nasal congestion, runny nose, and even pimples. Those with sensitive skin or at risk of asthma should ensure they are sleeping on a safe, clean bed.

3. Reducing aches and pains.

When we lie down and stay in one position for several minutes, it can misalign the body. Pressure points are formed because there is an imbalance in gravity, along with the resistance of your sleep area. When you wake up, you will immediately feel the side effects, such as sore muscles and achy joints.

Sleeping on the wrong bed can lead to lower back pain. You could even feel soreness in other parts of your body, such as hips and neck.

Where to Find the Best Bed

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