“Adjustable Foundations Provide Unlimited Comfort Positions at Your Fingertips”

Reverie is an industry leader in the manufacturing of mattresses and adjustable foundations. Founded in 2003, Reverie operates facilities in Michigan and New York, where research, development, production and distribution takes place.

Reverie believes that sleep is an essential part of feeling your best. A good night’s sleep is more than just waking up pain-free or somewhat rested. It’s about waking up feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for your day!

Getting a great night’s sleep happens when your body is most comfortable and relaxed. Reverie knows that each individual is unique and so are their sleep preferences. Reverie’s adjustable bed foundations are designed to always provide you with the most comfortable night’s sleep that’s available.

Research has determined that back, shoulder and hip pain are caused by a variety of factors ranging from posture, physical activity, illness, and sleeping positions. Just as sitting at your desk all day in a non-ergonomic position can lead to chronic shoulder pain. After sleeping 7 or 8 hours on a sleep system that does not properly align your body can make you feel worse when you wake up than when you went to bed.

“Ultimate Adjustability for Unlimited Comfort”

Reverie’s adjustable bases have unlimited head and foot positions that can be adjusted to your personal tastes. With the touch of a button, you control the elevation of your bed so you can sleep, read, watch TV, work on your laptop or simply relax in comfort. There is no need for pillows to prop yourself up on an adjustable bed.

Bayou Beds is an Authorized Dealer for Reverie Products and can help you create a sleep system that will provide you with a relaxing, comfortable night’s sleep. Wake up refreshed with a sleep system from Bayou Beds!

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